Open gate one! Close gate one!

* en telefon ringer *

”Hellååå, sis is Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

”Good morning, Barack Obama here, wassuuuuup?”

”Hellåå, mr. president, what can I do to you … for you?”

”Well, I just wanna talk about this swedish woman, Annika Ostberg, you know her?”

”I’ve höörd abaot höör, yes. She’s a jailbörd as far as I’m consöörned. What abaot höör?”

”Let me put it this way, Arnie. We could make a deal we both could take advantage from.”


”You just let Annika Ostberg free, or at least send her home to Sweden, and I’ll make you the last action hero. For real.”

”Interesting. What do you have in mind?”

”Well, I really like the good old Terminator and I think there can only be one. That new one really sucks. I want you back.”

”Sanks, sör. I’m flattered … ööh, honoured.”

”If you send her home, I’ll also be a kind of action hero, you know. The Swedish Prime minister, Fredrik Reindeer, needs all the votes he could get, and if he gets Annika, he will give me full support as the next EU boss. You follow?”

”Ööööh, yes sir. I’ll just change my clothes, my boots and my motorcycle. And I’ll be back.”

”Thank’s Arnie. Til then.”

UPDATE 090409: Tyst diplomati bakom frigivningen?



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