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Phone call from CIA to SÄPO.


* ringsignal *

– Ja, det är SÄPO här.

– Hi, this is CIA. Your big brother, remember?

– How could we forget? Thank’s for the party. Or as we say in Sweden; tack för senast…

– What ever. We would like you to turn up your emergency level, to increase your security and of course the repression of the people. Any problems with that?

– Oh, no. We will do it as fast as we can. Are there any press releases about it?

– No, but you can use the words islamists, terror, threats and air port. But don’t forget to put  a ”no” or a ”not” in front. We don’t want to cause panic, do we… ho, ho, ho?

– Of course not.

* Klick *

– Hello? CIA?

… They hung up.